After a long day at a crowded area, floating down stream in a canoe is one of the most relaxing ways to discover Hannover and its attractions.

From inside a canoe, Hannover presents itself with a staggering and unexpected environment of wild and seemingly unspoiled nature that remains unknown for most visitors and even locals …

…up to the end of our tour, when you can enjoy some cold drinks and snacks while networking with likeminded at one of the most beautiful and relaxed places in Hannover: a small beach bar called Strandleben!

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So what do you get between?

Winding from south to north through the center of Hannover, the river Leine is coated in flourishing green vegetation, which let you forget to be in the center of a city.

And if you feel to exercise your upper body, the paddle is the right tool to do so. But either way the river will take us to our destination even without muscle force.

While the tension relieves and you’ll recover from the stress of the day, you have view to many of the most worthwhile sights of the city.

Neues Rathaus Hannover

On our tour we will see the HDI-Arena, the Neues Rathaus, the Leine Schloss and the state parliament of Lower-Saxony.


One of the highlights of our tour are the magnificent Nana sculptures framed by the green nature, as they only can be seen from the waterside.

But that’s not all, while relaxing your feet in a Canoe and floating by of Hanover’s most attractive sights, we reveal you the city’s thrilling secrets.

Let us tell you the shocking truth of Fritz Haarmann, known as “The butcher of Hannover”,

and Jasper Hanebuth, a rouge robber and murderer, who moved his spoil of war in a – yet not fully explored – network of underground tunnels, which is connected to the river Leine. Learn the role of Hanover in the Second World War and the reason why Hitler covered up the Maschsee.

This and more thrilling stories connected to Hanover and its river Leine we will unveil to you during our tour.

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“Life is an aggregate of experience, which continually surprises us.”

Ron Carlson

As you let your thoughts drift away, all your worries are washed away by the water. With our tour you get the perfect contrast to a busy day at the Cebit.